Distilled above an ancient underground water source, Highclere Castle Gin is produced in England’s oldest gin distillery in one of the oldest working copper gin stills dating back to the 1800's.

The recipe was meticulously developed over two years, experimenting with botanicals grown on the Highclere estate.  Our careful selection of botanicals in the recipe, contain essential oils; it is the extraction of these oils in the presence of alcohol that gives Highclere Castle Gin its uniquely smooth flavour.

To begin the distillation process, the botanicals are carefully weighed out and added to the still, along with a charge of spirits. The still lid is then shut and the steam jacket is switched on to allow the gentle warming of the still. This warming process allows the botanicals to begin releasing their oils for distillation and this process of maceration continues overnight.

The following morning, the stills are heated to a higher temperature, making the charge boil. The boiling process begins to turn the liquid into vapour which rises to the swan neck and water-cooled condenser, turning the vapour back into liquid. The distillation is separated out into three parts; heads, hearts and tails. It is only the heart section that is used in the Highclere gin-making process; this liquid holds the most subtle and refined of the aromas and flavours given off during the distillation.

The resulting high proof gin is blended with water to precisely 43.5% alcohol.  We discovered this exact proof lent itself to the maximum expression and dimension of flavour.

"A truly unique gin, a blend of traditional botanicals combined with exquisite herbs, citrus and flowers grown on the estate. It is these very botanicals that give Highclere Castle Gin its perfect balance and exceptional flavour."

- Natalie Wallis, Master Distiller, Langley Distillery

  • Lavender, Juniper, Oranges and other botanicals, grown for centuries, harvested from the castle gardens for your glass.