“Wonderful Things”
– Howard Carter responding to Lord Carnarvon
whilst peering into King Tutankhamen’s tomb, 1922

In the heart of the rolling English countryside lies a castle so iconic that its mere silhouette conjures visions of power & elegance. Highclere Castle is that castle and now, using botanicals grown on the estate and refined over centuries of harvests, we have produced a gin so fabulously aligned with the castle and its grounds that its creation seemed inevitable. Highclere Castle Gin is distilled for the discerning, for those looking to embrace the subtle luxuries of refinement. This is gin in its most elevated and reassuringly elegant state.

"When it comes to discerning taste, Highclere Castle distinctly leaps to mind and its Gin embodies that story with its rich and historical botanical flavors. A true embodiment of English style and elegance captured cleverly and tastefully."

- Avril Graham, Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor, Harper’s Bazaar & Host of Platinum Eye Productions

"Life is a party. Dress for it"

- Audrey Hepburn

  • Lavender, Juniper, Oranges and other botanicals, grown for centuries, harvested from the castle gardens for your glass.